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Common Name
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 Hemerocallis Yellow (fragrant), Orange (double petals)
 Loan Tran
 Chameleon (tricolor)
 Houttuynia cordata Spread fast in moist to wet soil
 Loan Tran
  Blackberry Lily Belamcanda chinensis reseed, perennial
 Loan Tran
 Tiger Lily
 Lilium columbianum reseed, 1st year: a single leaf, 2nd year: a 6-7inch stalk with black seeds, 3rd year: a foot tall stalk with a small flower or 2, 4th year on: several feet tall stalk with big beautiful orange flowers
 Loan Tran
  Purple Top Verbena bonariensis reseed Loan Tran
 strawberry geranium/begonia  saxifraga stolonifera  herbaceous perennial  6" high white - light shade outdoors; bright light indoors; loose well drained a little on the dry side. plantlets can be divided. blooms in June Cindy Mone
 money plant lunaria annua herbaceous biennial to 2 ft.  lavendar - prefers light shade moist well drained soil. Sow seeds in the fall. Blooms in April Cindy Mone
 sundrops oenothera fruticosa  herbaceous perennial 18"-2ft yellow- full sun; part shade;well drained soil on the dry side. divide in early spring or fall. blooms June Cindy Mone
 wild ageratum, mistflower  eupatorium colestinum herbaceous perennial 2ft blue - full to half day sun. best divided in spring when plant is small, blooms in august thru sept Cindy Mone
 Love in the Mist
 Nigella Annual. Self-sows freely, but not aggressively, mature size: h: 15" x w: 3-6", full sun to partial shade, once you see Nigella in bloom, you will always recognize it by its unique mist of airy bracts and foliage. The foliage is ferny, the flowers are fluffy and the seed pods are intriguing. Best known for the vivid blue blossom variety.
 Lucy McKean